I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation I found it stimulating thought provoking and interesting –

…could of spent a whole day listening and asking questions!

The feedback was excellent they really enjoyed your presentation and in particular your knowledge..

I found the session really interesting and it was very affirming that as counsellors, we can help the brain rewire to find secure attachment within the therapeutic relationship.

I went away and looked online to find out more about brain plasticity…Very informative and hopeful.

I was left deep in thought about your comment that [provision of] a mismatch prediction error in the PCA made it a therapy without threat but not without challenge – and I loved that!

I found the course and the way you delivered it fascinating, for me it linked together beautifully what was going on with in grey chemical soup in our brains, with the idea of memory mismatch leading to prediction errors, brain plasticity and how it was brought back to the Person-Centred approach and Person-Centred theory.

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